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Project Management

Project Management mainly describes the application of knowdlege, experience, tools and techniques related to a certain project and it's activities to meet project goals. 

Next to the pure technical knowledge of the methodology social and inter-personal skills are a key factor to the success of your project. Project Management also includes Risk and Change Management aspects as each project has to cope with unknown situations. A good Project Manager knows how to anticipate such unplanned issues and how to solve them including risks as well as opportunities and related new chances. Project Managers need to be experienced in Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management as well as Teambuilding and Motivation. 

4formore offers professional support in:

  • Design and update of your project documentation
  • Contract Management with architects and representatives of contracted suppliers as well as all other service providers
  • Pulling together all necessary documentation needed to provide all relevant aspects for each contract including attachments and ammendments
  • Project Implementation, including the administration and management of your project including detailed reporting, keeping minutes and putting in place all necessary presentation materials
  • Supervision of project financials and your budget including invoicing of all subcontracted services 
  • Organisation of Project Meetings
  • Individual conceptual design and implementation of training sessions 
  • Communication of all results with your Public Relations Department (Placement of articles and PR in all relevant newspapers, interviews and newsletters)
  • Design and management of a feasable Project Website to gain public acceptance and excitement about your project if the project is not a company internal project